The Ancient Coinage of Macedonia in general

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.
Macedonia in general
(about 185 Ė 146 B.C.)

Autonomous coins.


5817 MAKE. Club on Macedonian shield. Rev. : Helmet between monogram and star. Plate XLI 3.
5817Macedonian Kingdom: Anonymous AR Tetrobol 185-168 BC, 14 mm, 2.3 g. Amphipolis. Macedonian shield with MA-KE above and beneath club in the centre, all surrounded by six double crescents each containing a dot and separated by three dots. Macedonian helmet with ear flaps. AKN monogram and ΔI monogram across upper fields, ΩZ monogram in lower left field, thunderbolt in lower right field. AMNG 3-I, 1; Pinder, Berlin 4.TextFull Size
5818 Macedonian shield. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Prow; sometimes star above. Plate XLI 1.
5819 Womanís head (of Menada?) right, with wreath of vine and ivy. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Prow and M.
5820 Womanís head with ivy wreath right. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Prow; sometimes star above. Plate XLI 2.
Macedonia, Autonomous AR Tetrobol. ca 185-168 BC. Wreathed head of maenad right / MAKE-ΔONΩN, prow of galley right. AMNG 3-II, 7; BMC 23; Bompois Macedonia 5.
5821 Macedonian shield. Rev. : Prow.
5822 Macedonian shield and in the club middle. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Helmet with crest and akrostolium.


5823 Macedonian shield. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN in two lines.
5824 Victory advancing, holding wreath and palm. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Within - Macedonian shield.
5825 Macedonian shield. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Helmet and monogram.
Macedonian Kingdom, Autonomous Issue without king's name, AE18. ca 185 BC. Macedonian shield with central star formed of six crescents, surrounded by double crescents with a dot within and two dots between them / MAKE-ΔONΩN, Macedonian helmet with cheek guard, TB monogram at lower left. AMNG III-1, 151; Mionnet I, 11; Lenormant 3 in RN 1852; Bompois 7 in NC 1874.
5826 Zeusí laureate head right. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Thunderbolt with wings, monogram and crescent moon. Plate XLI 7.
5827Laureate head of Poseidon right / MAKE-ΔONΩN, Club, HR monogram above, unclear monogram below. BMC 51; AMNG 13; SNG Cop 1296.Plate XLI 6.
Macedonian Kingdom: Autonomous AE23.
5828 Silenosí head with ivy wreath. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN and B or D P within laurel wreath.
5829 Apolloís laureate head right. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Tripod ol lyre and bow, and monogram.
5830 Unbearded head opposite. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Demeter advancing right, holding torch. Monogram.
5831 Bakhantkaís head with ivy wreath right. Rev. : MAK. Goat right; monogram above.
5832 Strymonís head with horn on his forehead, right. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Trident and monograms.
Macedonian Kingdom AE21. Philip V to Perseus 179-168 BC. 7.38 g. Youthful, horned head of the river-god Stryman right, wreathed with reeds. / MAKE-ΔONΩN, trident, sideways ΩΠΡ monogram at lower left, sideways ΠYNE monogram at lower right. AMNG III-1 52; BMC 42 corr. (monogram); Hunter 6.
5833 Macedonian shield and within Ė club and monogram. Rev. : Helmet with crest and monogram.
5834 Macedonian shield. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN in 3 lines.
5835 Zeusí head right. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Thunderbolt and monogram.
5836 Free horse advancing left. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Macedonian shield.
5837 Poseidonís bust with diademed head, right; trident on his left shoulder. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Club and monograms.
5838 Zeusí or Poseidonís head tied with ribbon. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN in 2 lines and within Ė club and monograms. All in oak-wreath.
Macedonia, Autonomous AE23. 185-168 BC. Head of Poseidon right / MAKE-ΔONΩN above & beneath club, all in wreath.TextFull Size
5839 Silenosí head opposite with ivy wreath. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN in 2 lines and monograms; all in ivy wreath. Plate XLI 5.
5840 Silenosí and Dionysosí heads face to face. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN and Δ within ivy wreath.
5841 Apolloís laureate head right. Rev. : TPΔI (sic) MAKEΔONΩN. Tripod and monograms.
5842 Demeterís head with ears. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Tripod and monograms.
5843 Athenaís head left. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Horse springing left and monogram.
5844 Heraklesí head with lionís skin, right. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Horse advancing right and monogram.
5845 The same obverse. Rev. : MAK. Naked man on horse, right, with right rased hand. Monogram.
5846 Apolloís laureate head right. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Lyre, bow and monogram. Plate XLI 4.
5847 Womanís laureate head (Apollo?). Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Thunderbolt with wings and monogram.
5848 Another with monogram and crescent moon.
5849 Demeterís head with wreath of ears, right. Rev. : MAKEΔONΩN. Trident.
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