(about 480 B.C.)

Thrace-Macedonian tribe that was lived on Mount Pangei, on the left bank of river Struma.

Autonomous silver coins.


  6284. Naked man, bearded, with Macedonian hat, driving two oxen right, all within circle of dots.

Rev. : ΓETAΣ HΔONEON BAΣIΛΣYΣ within incuse square with a quadripartite square in the centre. 34 mm.

  6285. The same obverse.

Rev. : ΓETA BAΣIΛEΩΣ HΔΩNAN. As 6284. 34 mm. Plate XLVIII 2.

  6286. Another, similar, with : ΓETAΣ BAΣIΛEY HΔΩNEΩN on the reverse. 34 mm.

  6287. ΓETA BAΣIΛEY HΔΩNEΩN. As before.

Rev. : Quadripartite incuse square. 31 mm. Table XLVIII 3.

  6288. Another with the same obverse image but without legend.

Rev. : Incuse square with 4-spoked wheel within. 31 mm. Table XLVIII 4.

  6289. The same obverse.

Rev. : The same, but with traces of the legend ΓETA BAΣIΛEΩΣ HΔΩNAN around the wheel. 32 mm.