Sear Greek Coins and their Values (SG) Number sg5646

Cilicia, Tarsos, Datames, Satrap of Cilicia & Cappadocia, AR Stater. Struck circa 369/8-361/0 BC. BALTRZ ( = Baaltars) in Aramaic to left, Baaltars seated right, torso facing, holding eagle-tipped scepter in right hand, grain ear & grape-bunch in left; thymiaterion to right; all within crenellated wall / TDNM ( = Datames) in Aramaic in the center, Ana, nude, facing Datames; both have their right arms raised; between them, thymiaterion; all within pelleted square border within linear border. SNGLev 83; SNGFr 292, BMC 35; SNG Cop 300, SNGvA 5943.


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