Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 2015

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Ref Nero AR Tetradrachm, Milne 300, Koln 195, RPC 5317, BMCGr 144

Nero, Bi. Tetradrachm of Alexandria. Dated year 14. AD 67-68. 23.5mm, 12.67g. NEΡΩ KΛAY KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEΡ AY, radiate bust bust left with aegis, date LIΔ to left. / AKTIOΣ AΠOΛΛΩN, laureate, draped bust of Apollo Aktios right, quiver over shoulder, star to right. Milne 300; RPC 5317 (this coin); Geissen 195-196; Dattari-Savio 207 (this coin).

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