Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 1968

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Ref Nero AE Dupondius, RIC 597, Cohen 325, BMC 347

Nero, AE laureate dupondius, Lyons, AD 67. 29.3 mm, 13.53 g. IMP NERO CAESAR AVG P MAX TR P PP, laureate head left with globe at point of bust. / SECVRITAS AVGVSTI, Securitas, bare to waist, seated right on throne, resting head against throne, holding short sceptre in left hand, before her a garlanded and lighted altar, against which leans a lighted torch resting on bucranium. RIC 597 corr. (position of "SC"); Sear 1968; Cohen 325; BMCRE 347; MacDowell WCN 533.

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