Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 1447

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Ref Cassius denarius, RSC 4a, Syd 1307, BMC 78, Cr500/3

C Cassius Longinus & Lentulus Spinther. 42 BC. AR Denarius. Military mint in Smyrna. C CASSI IMP LEIBERTAS, diademed & draped bust of Libertas right / LENTVLVS SPINT, jug & lituus. Cr500/3; Syd 1307.


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Ref Cassius denarius, RSC 4, Syd 1307, BMC 77, Cr500/3

F Cassius AR denarius. C CASSI IMP LEIBERTAS, head of Libertas right / LENTVLVS SPINT, sacrificial implements. Cr500/3.


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