Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 744

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Ref Vibia 10, Syd 690 As, Cr342/7

C Vibius Pansa As. ca 90 BC. Head of Janus / triple prow right, ROMA above, C VIBI PAN below, caps before. Cr342/7e, Syc 690. NOTE: There is a large number of variations of legends. Crawford 342/7a has C VIBIVS CF above and PANSA below. Crawford 342/7a has ROMA above and the moneyer's name below, e.g. (Crawford 342/7b to 342/7f): C VIBI PAN, C PANSA, C VIBI PAN (PAN ligate), C VIBI PAS, C VIBI PASA, C VIBI PANS, C VIBIVS, C VIBI.


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