Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 340

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Ref Plaetoria 9 denarius

M Plaetorius M f Cestianus Denarius. 69 BC. Female bust left, control-mark behind / Pediment of temple; within pediment, anguipede monster holding cornucopiae; on entablature, praenomen & nomen of moneyer; below, CEST S C. Syd 800, Cr405/1b


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Ref Plaetoria 9a denarius

M Plaetorius Mf Cestianus Denarius. 69 BC. Draped female bust left, in winged diadem, control symbol astragalos behind / Pediment of temple with anguiped figure within, on entablature M. PLAETORIV (PL & AE in monogram), CEST. S. C below. Cr405/1b, Syd 800.


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