Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 217

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Ref Poblicia 8 denarius

C [Publicius] Malleolus Denarius. 96 BC. Head of Mars, feather on helmet, * below chin / a warrior or hero standing left before trophy, foot on cuirass; behind, a tabella marked CM AL. Syd 810, Cr335/3f.


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Ref Poblicia 7 denarius

C [Publicius] Malleolus Cf Denarius. 96 BC. Helmeted head of Mars right; mallet above; X below chin / Heroic figure standing left, foot on cuirass, holding spear & leaning on tabella divided into two compartments, in one an inverted L; trophy in left field. Cr335/3g, Syd 615c.


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