Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 158

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Ref Cosconia 1 denarius

L Licinius Crassus & Cn Domitius Ahenobarbus Denarius Serratus. 118 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, L POMPONI CN F around / naked Celtic warrior, brandishing a spear & holding a shield & carnyx, driving a racing biga right, L LIC CN DOM in ex. Cr282/2, Syd 521.


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Ref Poblicia 1 denarius

C Malleolus Cf Denarius Serratus. 118 BC. C•MALLE•C•F, helmeted head of Roma right, X behind / L•LIC•CN•DOM, warrior (Bituitus) driving Biga right, hurling spear and holding sheild and carnyx. Syd 524.


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Ref Pomponia 7 denarius

L Pomponius Cn F Denarius Serratus. 112-109 BC. L POMPONI CNF, head of Roma right, X behind, border of dots / L LIC CN DOM, Bitutius in biga right, holding trident and shield, border of dots.


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Ref Porcia 8 denarius

L Porcius Liciniuss AR denarius. c.112-109 B.C. L PORCI LICI *, head of Roma right / L LIC CN DOM, Warrior (Bitiutusi) in biga hurling spear. Syd 520.


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