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Veturia 1
sear5 #111
Ti Veturius Denarius. 137 BC. Helmeted bust of Mars right, X between back of neck and end of crest, TI VET (partially ligate) behind / ROMA above oath-taking scene with two soldiers, each touching sacrificial pig held by youth kneeling left. Crawford 234/1; Sydenham 527; Veturia 1; Sear 111. (9 examples)
Veturia 1-Pompeia 1
Ti. Veturius / Sex. Pompeius Fostlus Mule Denarius. 137 BC. 19.62 mm, 3.58 gr. TI VET (VET ligate) behind helmeted head of Mars right, X behind head / [FOSTLVS] to left, [SEX POM] to right, She-wolf standing right, head turned back, suckling Romulus and Remus, fig-tree in the background with three birds, and the shepherd Faustulus standing right; ROMA below. Mule of obverse of Veturia 1 (Sear 111; RRC 234/1; Syd. 527) and reverse of Pompeia 1 (Sear 112; RRC 235/1; Syd. 461)(both 137 BC).TextImage
Veturia 2
sear5 #1140
Ti. Veturius. 137 BC. AE Quadrans. Head of Hercules right, in lionís skin; three pellets behind / Oil-jar on thong & strigil; ROMA above, TI. VETVR below. Syd 028, Cr234/2b. (One example)
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