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Vettia 1
sear5 #211
Publius Vettius Sabinus AR Quinarius. 99 BC. 13 mm, 1.98 g. Head of Jupiter right, control letter with or without symbol or dot behind head. / P SABIN, Victory standing right crowning trophy with wreath. Crawford 331/1; Sydenham 587; Vettia 1; Sear 211.(Example)
Vettia 2
sear5 #339
T. Vettius Sabinus. 66 BC. Denarius. Bare head of Tatius right; SABINI behind, S.C before, TA in monogram under chin / Togate figure in walking biga left, IVDEX above, corn-ear to right, T.VETTIVS in exergue. Crawford 404/1; Syd 905. (Example)