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Titia 1
sear5 #238
Q Titius Denarius. 90 BC. Head of Mutinus Titinus (Priapus) right, wearing winged diadem / Pegasus springing right, Q TITI on base. Cr341/1, Syd 691. Full Size
Titia 2
sear5 #239
Q Titius Denarius. 90 BC. Head of young Bacchus right / Pegasus springing right from a tablet inscribed Q TITI. Cr341/2, Syd 692. ObverseReverse
Titia 3
sear5 #240
Q Titius AR Quinarius. 90 BC. Draped and winged bust of Victory right / Pegasus leaping right, Q TITI below. Cr431/2, Syd 693.
Titia 4
sear5 #742
Q Titius AE As. 90 BC. Laureate head of Janus with long pointed beard / prow right, Q TITI above. Syd 694, Cr341/4a.Full Size
Titia 5
sear5 #903
Q Titius AE Semis. 90 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / Minerva in quadriga right. Cr341/5. Full Size

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