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Rustia 1
sear5 #320
L Rustius Denarius. 74 BC. Helmeted head of Mars right, SC behind, X under chin / Ram standing rights, L RVSTI in ex. Crawford 389/1; Syd 782. (6 examples)
RIC 322Augustus AR denarius, Q. Rustius moneyer, 3.36gm, Rome 19 BC, 19mm. Q RVSTIVS FORTVNAE ANTIAT; jugate busts right of Fortuna Victrix, holding patera, and Fortuna Felix; bar with ram's head finials below / CAESARI AVGVSTO EX.S.C; ornamented altar inscribed FOR.RE. RIC 322; BMC 4; RSC 513; Sear 1605.TextImage