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Rubria 1
sear5 #258
L. Rubrius Dossenus. 87 BC. Denarius. Laureate head of Jupiter right; sceptre behind / Quadrigal carpentum with small Victory right; LRVBRI in exergue. Crawford 348/1; Syd 705. (6 examples)
Rubria 2
sear5 #259
L Rubrius Dossenus Denarius. 87 BC. Veiled head of Juno facing right, with sceptre and DOS behind / triumphal chariot right, with small victory standing on it, L RVBRI in ex. Cr348/2, Syd 706. (3 examples)
Rubria 3
sear5 #260
L. Rubrius Dossenus. 87 B.C. AR Denarius. Bust of Minerva r., wearing Corinthian helmet and aegis, DOS behind / Triumphal quadriga with side-panel decorated with thunderbolt right; above, Victory with wings spread, in biga, L RVBRI in ex. Syd 707. Cr348/3. (4 examples)
Rubria 4
sear5 #261
L. Rubrius Dossenus 87 BC AR Quinarius. Head of Neptune right, DOSSEN & trident behind / Victory walking right, serpent entwined around altar before, L RVBRI behind. Syd. 708, Cr384/4 (4 examples)
Rubria 5
sear5 #749
L Rubrius Dossenus AE As. 87 BC. Laureate head of Janus, altar between / Prow of galley right. Cr348/5. (One example)
Rubria 6
Sear5 750
Rubria, AE As. Janiform heads of Hercules, on left, wearing lionskin, and Mercury, on right, wearing winged petasos; club to left, caduceus to right / L RVBRI DOSSEN beneath distyle temple with triangular pediment, within a round, serpent-entwined altar, prow behind to right. Rubria 6; Crawford 348/6.TextImage
RIC 777[trajan]Restoration coinage of Trajan: L Rubrius Dossenus Denarius. Rome mint, ca 107 AD. DOSSEN, laureate head of Jupiter right, scepter behind / L RVBRI in exergue, IMP CAES TRAIAN AVG GER DAC P P REST around, tensa (ceremonial chariot in circus procession) drawn right by four horses, eagle standing right on side panel, statuette of Victory bearing wreath & palm attached to wagon rim. TextImage

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