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Postumia 1
sear5 #128
L. Postumius Albinus. 131 BC. AR Denarius (3.88 gm). Helmeted head of Roma right; apex (flamen's cap) behind, X beneath chin / Mars, holding spear and shield, in galloping quadriga right, L POST ALB below, ROMA in exergue. Crawford 252/1; Postumia 1; BMCRR 1129; Syd 472.Full Size
Postumia 2
sear5 #220
See Caecilia 45 / Sear 220
Postumia 4
sear5 #218
A. Postumius Albinus Sp. f. 96 BC. AR Denarius. Bust of Diana right, draped, with bow and quiver over shoulder; ROMA below / Three horsemen galloping left over fallen warrior. A ALBINVS S F in exergue. Crawford 335/9; Postumia 4 and 4a; Syd613a. Full Size
Postumia 6A Albinus Spf AR Denarius. 96 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right; ten-pointed star behind, R below / The Dioscuri standing left besides their horses, which are drinking from a fountain; crescent in field left. Cr335/10b.TextFull Size
Postumia 6.1
TextFull Size
Postumia 7
sear5 #296
A. Postumius A.f. Sp.n. Albinus. 81 BC. Serrate Denarius. Bust of Diana right; bow & quiver over shoulder, bucranium above / A POST A F S N ALBIN, Togate figure before lit altar; ox right about to be sacrificed. Cr372/1; Syd 745.Full Size
Postumia 8
sear5 #297
Postumius Albinus denarius c. 81 BC. HISPAN, veiled head of Hispania / A ALBIN S N, togate figure standing left between legionary eagle and fasces, POST A F in ex. Syd 746; Cr372/2.Full Size
Postumia 9
sear5 #330
C. Postumius. 73 BC. AR Denarius. Rome mint. Draped bust of Diana right, wearing hair tied into knot, bow and quiver over shoulder / Hunting dog or hound running right, wearing collar; spear below; C POSTVMI/TA (partially ligate) in two lines in exergue. Crawford 394/1a; Sydenham 785; Kestner 3282-4; BMCRR Rome 3238-41; Postumia 9. Full Size
Postumia 10
sear5 #427
Decimus Junius Brutus Denarius. Head of Pietas right, PIETAS behind / two clasped hands holding a caduceus, ALBINVS BRVTI F below. Cr450/2, Syd 942. ObverseReverse
Postumia 11
sear5 #426
D Junius Brutus Albinus Denarius. 48 BC. Head of young Mars right, wearing a crested helmet / BRVTI F ALBINVS, two gallic trumpets in saltire, oval shield above, round shield below. Cr450/1a; Syd 941. Full Size
Postumia 13
sear5 #428
Decimus Junius Brutus, adapted by A Postumius Albinus, AR Denarius. 48 BC. A.POSTVMIVS.COS, bare head of the Consul Aulus Postumius Albinus / ALBINVS BRVTI F. in wreath. Syd 943, Cr450/3a. Full Size
Postumia 14
sear5 #428
D Junius Brutus Albinus Denarius. A.POSTVMIVS.COS, head of Postumius / ALBINV BRVTI in wreath. Cr450/3b, Syd 943a. Full Size
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