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Pinaria 1
sear5 #89
Pinarius Natta. 149 BC. AR Denarius. Helmeted head of Roma right, star behind / Victory in biga right, NATTA below (TA ligate), ROMA in exergue. Cr208/1; Syd 390. (9 examples)
Pinaria 2
sear5 #77
Pinarius Natta Denarius. 155 BC. Roma right, X behind / Victory in biga, NAT below, ROMA in ex. Pinaria 2, Cr200/1, Syd 382. (2 examples)
Pinaria 3
sear5 #713
NAT, AE as, (22.97g) c. 155 BC, Rome Mint, Laureate head of Janus right, I above. / Prow right, NAT above, I before, ROMA in exergue. Cr200/2. (One example)
Pinaria 4Pinaria, AE Semis, 200 BC. Laureate head of Jupiter right, S behind head / NAT above prow right, S to right, ROMA below. Pinaria 4; Crawford 200/3, Syd 383a; Sear 848.TextImage
Pinaria 6Roman Republic AE quadrans. 6.80g. "NAT" series(Pinarius Natta?), 155 BC. Rome mint. Head of youthful Hercules right, wearing lionskin headdress, ooo behind head / NAT above prow of galley right, ooo to right, ROMA below. Pinaria 6; Crawford 200/5; RBW 863(this coin); Syd. 383c.TextImage
Pinaria 12L. Pinarius Scarpus for Octavian, 31-27 BC. Cyrenaica mint. AR denarius. IMP CAESARI SCARPVS IMP, open hand / AVG PONT DIVI F, Victory standing right on globe, holding wreath in outstretched right hand and palm branch over shoulder. Pinaria 12; (also Julia 142); Cohen 500; Sydenham 1252; Sear Imperators 413; Crawford 546/7.TextImage

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