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The symbols on the obverse and reverse of Papia 1 are related, covering the whole range of Roman life and often symbolic of the trade guilds. About 235 symbol pairs are known and almost 70% of them are represented here. However, what some obscure symbols represent is often up to the imagination of the owner or seller, as BMC, RRC, Mionnet, Babelon and others do not always agree. The list below lists RRC numbers 1-176. Numbers after that are the Bonnano numbering system then some other additions.
Papia 1
sear5 #311
L Papius Denarius Serratus. 79 BC, Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goatskin, symbol behind / Gryphon springing right, symbol below, L PAPI in ex. Syd 773, Cr384/1. (Various symbol pair examples, all included below). (34 examples)
Papia 1
Crawford Symbol Pair No.
1upright amphora / horiz. amphoraTextImage
2amphora / hydriaTextImage
3amphora / amphora stand or tripodTextImage
4anvil / tongsTextImage
7basket of fruit / bowl of fruitTextImage
8basket / shopping bagTextImage
9boot with strap / shoe on a lastTextImage
10dolium (beaker) / hydria (two-handled vase)TextImage
11tall cup / jugTextImage
12cooking pot / half carcassTextImage
13cooking pot / triple meat hookTextImage
14bucranium / bipennis (double axe)TextImage
15butterfly / waspTextImage
15butterfly / waspTextImage
16candelabrum / fire-dogTextImage
18Phrygian cap / swordTextImage
19hunter's net / two spearsTextImage
20scabellum (wooden rattle) / tambourineTextImage
23 double-ended comb/ two joined earringsTextImage
24 / smelting cupelTextImage
25cornucopiae / bunch of grapesTextImage
26 crab / fishTextImage
29crocodile / pigTextImage
30chisel / hammerTextImage
32oil jug / oil lampTextImage
33shallow cup / rhyton, forepart of horse at the endTextImage
35trumpet / trumpet mouthpieceTextImage
37distaff / two reelsTextImage
38hound, upwards / capricorn rightTextImage
39half a fish / fish rightTextImage
40plasterer's float / trowelTextImage
42Drill / PlaneTextImage
43egg or shield / eagle standing rightTextImage
44feather / peacock's featherTextImage
45flail or angular crook / tall basket with strapTextImage
46two flutes / syrinx (pan-pipes)TextImage
47human foot / hand holding scalpelTextImage
48pickaxe / pointed hammerTextImage
49prize purse / water bottleTextImage
50Head of nanny-goat right / Head of billy-goat rightTextImage
52goblet / wine-skin (slipper?)TextImage
53chopper / sickleTextImage
57hare running right / dog running rightTextImage
58harp / rudder or tall vaseTextImage
59Harpa / Boar's headTextImage
61apex (priest's cap) / simpulumTextImage
63aspergillum / simpulumTextImage
64forepart of lion / forepart of bullTextImage
67Knife (curved blade)/ block of woodTextImage
68lantern / snuffer tongsTextImage
69shepherd's crook / theatre maskTextImage
70lock / keyTextImage
71lotus flower / poppyTextImage
72Lyre / Bow and quiverTextImage
73mace / club with strapTextImage
75short modius / tall modiusTextImage
76owl / eagle rightTextImage
78Pentagram / Set squareTextImage
80hook / tanner's scraperTextImage
81pump / pail with cup attachedTextImage
82signet-ring / scroll in caseTextImage
84sandal right / sandal leftTextImage
85tanner's knife / scraperTextImage
87sceptre/radiate crownTextImage
87 (2)sceptre/radiate crownTextImage
88sceptre / curved sword in sheathTextImage
90sickle / two-handled basketTextImage
91sistrum / bowl of fruitTextImage
92crossbow bolt / front view of crossbowTextImage
93spear-head / human footTextImage
94spindle / distaffTextImage
95spur / horse's muzzleTextImage
96chisel (?) with strap / plumb weightTextImage
98standard / coiled serpentTextImage
99funnel strainer / hydria (2-handled vase)TextImage
101voting tablet, inscribed PA-PI/cista with handleTextImage
102thyrsus / ivy branchTextImage
103seed / eggTextImage
104trident / dolphinTextImage
105block / butcher's knifeTextImage
106tripod altar / hydriaTextImage
107turnip / carrotTextImage
108flask / square basketTextImage
109oil jar / oil lampTextImage
111oil flask / strigilTextImage
112writing tablet / stylusTextImage
113water valve / water pipeTextImage
114well-head / fountainTextImage
117wreath / lituusTextImage
118wreath / torqueTextImage
119bridle / chariotTextImage
120square pennant / spearTextImage
121pelta (crescent-shaped shield) / axeTextImage
122coiled serpent / dogTextImage
123two boots / shoe hornTextImage
124pileus / pileusTextImage
125fasces / axeTextImage
127lyre / lyre-keyTextImage
128chopper / shearsTextImage
129horned helmet/ helmetTextImage
130poppy / poppyTextImage
131plumb line / mason's levelTextImage
134aplustre / prow or sternTextImage
137ham / boar's head rightTextImage
138unknown / feather duster ?TextImage
140shovel / pile of sandTextImage
141cola pod / colanderTextImage
142chisel / block of woodTextImage
143hem hem crown / headdress of IsisTextImage
144torch / stag's head rightTextImage
145ornate jug / portable altarTextImage
146eagle, head left / thunderboltTextImage
147altar / altarTextImage
148three hooks / cooking potTextImage
149seed-head / poppy-headTextImage
150harpa / winged petasosTextImage
151caduceus / wingTextImage
152stag's head / stag's headTextImage
153pileus (?) / jugTextImage
156plough / yokeTextImage
158legionary eagle / altarTextImage
159stylus / handTextImage
159stylus / handTextImage
160arrow / clubTextImage
162saw / sawTextImage
163round calipers / square calipersTextImage
164knife with rounded point / pateraTextImage
167corn-ear / locustTextImage
172bottle / quatrefoil flower head (?)TextImage
175mouse / roosterTextImage
176whip / priestly knifeTextImage
176whip / lanceTextImage
179bell / yokeTextImage
180bird downwards / crowned peacock rightTextImage
181axe / planeTextImage
182star / crescentTextImage
189spear / elephant's headTextImage
189 varhelmet / elephant's head rightTextImage
189 var (2)helmet / elephant's head rightTextImage
190acorn on branch / pigTextImage
191ram's head downwards / one-handled jug TextImage
193horse's head right / ass's head right TextImage
195brightly burning torch / thyrsus (?)TextImage
196mask of Pan / mask of SilenusTextImage
198tall altar / basketTextImage
199food cover / heating stone with handleTextImage
203piercer / shears or tweezersTextImage
204compass / drillTextImage
205tongs / hammerTextImage
206key / lock barrelTextImage
208spatula / engraverTextImage
210boot / MaskTextImage
211Doric column capital / Ionic column capitalTextImage
212awl / animal's legTextImage
215basket? / pump?TextImage
216crested helmet right / Macedonian shieldTextImage
218candelabrum / oil jarTextImage
220dolphin-entwined anchor / hippocampTextImage
226shoe angled slightly downwards / sandal rightTextImage
228bucket with handles / round pot with handleTextImage
229bagpipes? / shoe rightTextImage
230sceptre / double-headed rattle (?)TextImage
232clothes hook / shieldTextImage
Papia 2
sear5 #461
L. Papius. 45 B.C. AR Denarius. Head of Juno Sospita right / Wolf right, placing stick on fire; on r., eagle fanning flames; in exergue, L. PAPIVS; above, CELSVS III VIR. Syd 964, Cr472/1. (5 examples)
Papia 3
sear5 #462
L. Papius Celsus. 45 BC. AR Denarius. Laureate head of Triumphus right, trophy behind / She-wolf right lighting fire, eagle standing left fanning the flames. Cr472/2, Syd 965.(3 examples)
Papia 4L. Papius Celsus, AR Quinarius 45, 1.45 g. Bust of winged Victory right / L·PAPIVS – [CELSVS], Girl standing right, feeding upright serpent. Babelon Papia 4; RSC 4; Syd. 966; Sear Imperators 84; Crawford 472/3.TextImage
Papia 5L. Papius Celsus, AR Sestertius 45, 0.83 g. [CELSVS] Head of Mercury right, caduceus behind / Lyre. Babelon Papia 5; RSC 5; Syd. 967. Sear Imperators 85. Crawford 472/4b.TextImage
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