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Opeimia 16 / Sear 130
Opeimia 16 / Sear 130

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Opeimia 1OPEIMI, AE as. 169-158 BC, Rome Mint, Laureate head of Janus right, I above. / Prow right, OPEIMI monogram above, I before, ROMA in ex. C188/1. TextImage
Opeimia 7
sear5 #701
OPEI, AE as, (22.49g) c. 169-158 BC, Laureate head of Janus right, I above / Prow right, OPEI above, I before, ROMA below. C190/1, Syd.363. (1 example)
Opeimia 9
Crawford 190[3]
Roman Republic AE Triens. 7.04g, "OPEI" series(Q. Opimius?), 169-158 BC. Helmeted head of Minerva right; oooo above / Prow right with peaked deck structure; OPEI above; oooo to right; ROMA below. Opeimia 9; Crawford 190/3; Syd. 363b; Russo RBW 813.TextImage
Opeimia 12
sear5 #129
Lucius Opeimius Denarius. 134 BC. Head of Roma right wearing crested winged helmet, star beneath chin, wreath behind head / Victory galloping right in quadiga, holding wreath, L.OPEIMI beneath, ROMA in ex. Syd 473. (One example)
Opeimia 16
sear5 #130
M Opimius Denarius. 131 BC. Helmeted head of Roma, star beneath chin, below, tripod (or other symbol) behind / Apollo in Biga right, holding arrow & bow, M OPEIMI below, ROMA in ex. Cr254/1, Syd 465. (5 examples)

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