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Norbana 1
sear5 #277
C. Norbanus Denarius. c. 83 BC. Diademed head of venus right, C.NORBANUS below, XXI behind / prow-stem, fasces, caduceus & ear of corn. SYD 740, Cr357/1a. Full Size
Norbana 2
sear5 #278
C Norbanus Denarius. 83 BC. Number behind, C NORBANVS below, diademed head of Venus right / Corn ear, fasces and caduceus. Syd 739, Cr357/1b. Full Size
Norbana 3C. Norbianus and L. Cestius, AV aureus. 84 BC. Bust of Africa right in elephant headdress / L CESTIVS above, C NORBA below, SC-PR across fields, Corinthian helmet on curule chair. Syd 1153, Cr491/1a; Norbana 3; Cestia 1; Sear 11.TextFull Size
Norbana 5C. Norbianus and L. Cestius, AV aureus. 84 BC. 21mm, 7.99 gr. C NORBANVS above, L CESTIVS below, PR to right, bust of Venus right / SC above Cybele seated in biga of lions left. Syd 1155, Cr491/2; Norbana 5; Cestia 3; Sear 12.TextFull Size
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