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Nasidia 1Cnaeus Pomepius Magnus Q. Nasidius. Denarius, mint moving with Sextus Pompeius 44-43 BC, AR 3.44 g. NEPTVNI, head of Pompey right, trident in right field, dolphin below / Q NASIDIVS beneath galley right with sail and rowers, star in upper left field. Pompeia 28; Nasidia 1; RSC 20; Crawford 483/2; Sydenham 1350; Sear Imp. 235.TextImage
Nasidia 4Sextus Pompeius and Q. Nasidius. AR Denarius, Sicily mint, 42-38 BC, 3.80 g. NEPTVNI Head of Cn. Pompeius Magnus left; trident in left field, dolphin below / Q NASIDIVS beneath four galleys. Pompeia 30 and Nasidia 4; RSC 21; Sydenham 1351; Sear Imperators 236; Crawford 483/1. (Note that a number of fakes are sold on ebay).TextImage
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