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Maria 7
sear5 #299
C. Marius C.f. Capito. 81 BC. Serrate Denarius. C. MARI. C. F. CAPIT. XII, draped laureate bust of Ceres right / Husbandman plowing with yoke of oxen; XII above. Crawford 378/1; Syd 744. (4 examples)
Maria 8
sear5 #299
C. Marius C.f.Capito, 81 BC. AR Serrate Denarius. C MARI C F CAPIT XXVIII, draped bust of Ceres right / Colonistploughing left with yoke of oxen, control number XXVIII above, SC and grasshopper right in exergue. RSC Maria 8; Crawford 378/1b; Sydenham 744a; Sear 299.(One example)
Maria 9
sear5 #300
C Marius C f Capito Denarius. 81 BC. CAPIT and numeral, bust of Ceres right, wreathed with corn, symbol below chin / plowman with yoke of oxen plowing left, same numeral above, C MARI C Fi below, SC in ex. Syd 744b, Cr378/1c. (6 examples)
Maria 24L Censorinus Denarius. 82 BC. Apollo head right / Marsyas left with wine skin over his shoulder, to right a column with figure on top. TextImage
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