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Manlia 1
sear5 #186
A Manlius Qf Sergianus AR Denarius. 118-107 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right / Sol in facing quadriga rising from the waves of the sea; star on either side, X & crescent above. Cr309/1. ObverseReverse
Manlia 2
sear5 #172
L. Torquatus. 113/2 BC. AR Denarius. Helmeted head of Roma right within ornate torque / Warrior galloping left. Syd 545. Full Size
Manlia 4
sear5 #286
L. Manlius Torquatus. 82 BC. Denarius. L. MANLI before, PRO.Q behind, helmeted Roma right / Sulla, being crowned by Victory, in quadriga right; L SVLLA IM in exergue. Crawford 367/5; Syd 757. Full Size
Manlia 7
sear5 #287
L Manlius Torquatus & L Cornelius Sulla AR Denarius. 82 BC. Military mint moving with Sulla. L. MANLI T before (T is sideways), PRO. Q behind, head of Roma right, in winged helmet with peaked visor, cruciform earring & necklace, hair in three locks / L. SVLLA. IM (or IMP) in exergue, Sulla, togate, driving triumphal quadriga right, holding branch and reins; above, Victory flying left crowning Sulla with laurel wreath. Cr367/3, Syd 759. Full Size
Manlia 11
sear5 #362
L Manlius Torquatas Denarius. 65 BC. Head of Sibyl wreathed with ivy, SIBYLLA below / Tripod surmounted by amphora between 2 stars. Cr411/1. Full Size
Manlia 12
sear5 #362
L Torquatus AR Denarius. 65 BC. Head of Sibylla right / Tripod surmounted by an amphora, two stars above. Cr 411/1b. ObverseReverse
Manlia 12aL Torquatus Denarius. 58 BC. Head of Sibylla right, SIBVLLA below, no border / L TORQVAT / III VIR divided by tripod surmounted by amphora & two stars, all within ornamented torque. BMC 3514, Cr411/1b var, Syd 836. TextObverseReverse
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