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Lucretia 1
sear5 #114
Cn. Lucretius Trio. 136 B.C. AR Denarius. TRIO, helmeted head of Roma, X before / Dioscuri riding right; CN. LVCR below, ROMA in ex. Syd 450, Cr237/1.(Example)
Lucretia 2
sear5 #321
Lucretius Trio Denarius. 76 BC. Radiate head of Sol right / TRIO within crescent with seven stars. L. LVCRETI below.(Example)
Lucretia 3
sear5 #322
L Lucretius Trio Denarius. 74 BC. Laureate head of Neptune right, trident over shoulder, numeral above / L LVCRETI TRIO in two lines, infant Genius riding dolphin right. Cr390/2, Syd 784. (Example)