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Lollia 1L. Lollius Palicanus AR Denarius. circa 45 AD. HONORIS, Laureate bust of Honour right / PALIKANVS above curule chair between two ears of corn. Lollia 1; BMC 4014; RSC 1.TextFull Size
Lollia 2
sear5 #465
Lollius Palicanus. 45 BC. Denarius. LIBERTATIS, diademed head of Libertas right / PALIKANVS above, view of the Rostra in the Forum, surmounted by a sella. Crawford 473/1; Syd 960. Click Here
Lollia 3a
sear5 #467
Lollius Palicanus AR Quinarius. 45 BC. Diademed head of Felicitas right / Victory in galloping biga right. Cr473/3, Syd 962. Click Here
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