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Livineia 8
sear5 #490
L Livineius Regulus Denarius of c.42 BC. L REGVLVS PR, head of the praetor, L. Livinieius Regulus rt. / REGVLVS F. above curule chair between two fasces, PRAEF VR in ex. Syd 1113. Click Here
Livineia 10
sear5 #487
L. Livineius Regulus. 42 BC. Denarius. REGVLVS PRM, bare head of the praetor L. Livineius Regulus right / LIVINNVS/REGVLVS, curule chair between six fasces. Crawford 494/27; Syd 1109. ObverseReverse
Livineia 11
sear5 #487
Similar to Livineia 10, but smaller head and no obverse inscription. Cr494/28, Syd 1110. Click Here
Livineia 12
sear5 #489
L Livineius Regulus Denarius. 42 BC. Small bare head of the praetor L Livineius Regulus right / L REGVLVS in exergue, combatants with wild animals: one combatant attacks a lion with a spear; another, with shield and sword, defends himself against a tiger; a wounded boar sits on the left, facing right. Cr494/30, Syd 1112. Click Here
Livineia 13
sear5 #488
L. Livineius Regulus. 42 BC. AR Denarius. Head of L. Livineius Regulus right / Modius between two grain ears, REGVLVS below. Cr494/29, Sydenham 1111. ObverseReverse
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