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Gens Julia, the family of Julius Caesar, Octavian, and others.

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Julia 1
sear5 #100
L Julius Denarius. 141 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, XVI behind / Dioscuri galloping right, L IVLI below, ROMA in ex. Syd 443, Cr224/1. (2 examples)
Julia 2
sear5 #134
Sextus Julius Caesar Denarius. 129 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, * below chin, anchor behind / Venus driving galloping quadriga right, crowned by cupid behind, ROMA above, SEX IVLI below, CAISAR in ex. Cr258/1, Syd 476. (One example)
Julia 3
sear5 #201
L Julius Denarius. 100-97 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, corn ear behind / L IVLI below Victory driving galloping biga right. Syd 585, Cr323/1. (4 examples)
Julia 4
sear5 #198
L Julius Caesar Denarius, 103 BC. CAESAR Head of Mars left in crested helmet / Venus Genettris with sceptre, in chariot drawn by two Cupids left, lyre in field, L IVLI L F in ex. Cr320/1; Syd 593. (8 examples)
Julia 4a
sear5 #198
L Julius Lf Caesar Denarius. ca 103 BC. Head of young Mars left, in crested helmet, CAESAR behind, control retrograde R above helmet / Venus Genetrix in biga of Cupids left, lyre below, L IVLI L F in ex, control retrograde R in upper field. cr320/1, Syd 593a. (One example)
Julia 5
sear5 #268
L Julius Bursio Denarius. 85 BC. Winged head of Genius or Apollo Vejovis right, control-mark & trident behind / Victory in quadriga right holding wreath, L IVLI BVRSIO in ex. Syd 728, Cr352/1a. (16 examples)
Julia 5a
sear5 #268
L Julius Bursio AR Denarius. 85 BC. Bust of Apollo Vejovis or Genius right, trident & control mark behind / Victory in quadriga right; number above. Cr352/1c, Syd 728a-b. (One example)
Julia 5b
sear5 #268
L Julius Bursio Denarius. 85 BC. Laureate and winged bust of Apollo Vejovis right, trident over shoulder, control symbol behind / Victory in quadriga right, one or two control letters above or below, L IVLI BVRSIO in ex. Cr352/1c, Syd 728c-e. (7 examples)
Julia 5b
Sear 268
BMCRR 2560
Roman Republican AR denarius. Moneyer L Julius Bursio. 85 BC. 20.55 mm, 3.66 g. Winged head of Genius or Apollo Vejovis right, trident and control-mark sceptre behind head / L IVLI BVRSIO legend beneath Victory, holding wreath in right hand, in galloping quadriga right. FI beneath the horses. Crawford 352/1a; Sydenham 728; Julia 5b; BMCRR 2560; Sear 268.TextImage
RPC 1117
Corinth, as a Roman Colony, 23mm. 43-42 BC, under P Tadius Chilo & C Julius Nicephorus. Bellerophon restraining Pegasus by the bridle left, fountain before, CORINTHVM in ex / P TADI CHI C IVLI NICER II VIR, Poseidon seated right, holding trident. BMC 483, SNG Cop 192. TextImage
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