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Furia 13
sear5 #75
Furius Purpurio Denarius. 169-158 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, X behind / Luna or Diana in galloping biga right, murex shell above, PVR below, ROMA in ex. Syd 424, Cr187/1. (One example)
Furia 18
sear5 #156
M Furius Lf Philus Denarius. 119 BC. Laureate head of Janus; M•FOVRI•L•F around / Roma standing left erecting trophy, gallic arms around, ROMA to right, PHLI in ex. Crawford 281/1, Syd 529, BMCRR (Italy) 555. (1 example)
Furia 19
sear5 #275
P Furius Crassipes Denarius. 83 BC. AED CVR, turretted head of city goddess right / Curile chair inscribed P FOVRIUS, CRASSIPES in ex. Syd 735b, Cr356/1c. (5 examples)
Furia 20
sear5 #275
P Furius Crassipes Denarius. 84 BC. AED CVR, Turreted head of City right, foot turned up behind / P FOVRIVS on curile chair, CRASSIPES in exergue. Syd 735; Cr356/1a. (2 examples)
Furia 23
sear5 #365
L Furius Brocchus Denarius. 63 BC. III VIR BROCCHI Bust of Ceres right, between wheat-ear and barley corn. / L FVRI C N F Curule hair between fasces. Syd 902, Cr414/1. (9 examples)
Furia 23a
sear5 #365
L.Furius Cn. f. Brocchus. 63 BC. Denarius. Bust of Ceres right between wheat-ear and barley-corn; III VIR across field, BROCCHI below / Curule chair between fasces; L. FVRI/CN. F above. Cr414/1; Syd 902a. (One example)