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Fonteia 1 / Sear [2000] 167
Fonteia 1 / Sear [2000] 167

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Fonteia 1
sear5 #167
C Fonteius Denarius. 114-113 BC. Janiform head of the Dioscuri, control letter left, * right / C FONT, galley with pilot and three oarsman, ROMA in ex. Cr290/1, Syd 555. (16 examples)
Fonteia 2C Fonteius As of Uncial standard. Rome mint, 114-113 BC. Laureate head of bearded Janus, I above / prow of galley right; anchor to right; ROM-I-A above, C.FON below. Cr290/2, Syd 556. TextImage
Fonteia 7
sear5 #184
Mn. Fonteius, 108-107 BC. AR Denarius. Heads of the Dioscuri / Galley under oar. Cr.307/1. (4 examples)
Fonteia 8
sear5 #184
Mn. Fonteius, 108-107BC Silver Denarius. Cojoined heads of the Dioscuri, stars above / Galley with Rostrum, L below. (4 examples)
Fonteia 8vMn Fonteius Denarius. 108-107 BC. Laureate conjoined heads of the Dioscuri right / Galley right. Crawford 307/1a var. (mark of value); Fonteia 8 var. (same). TextImage
Fonteia 9
sear5 #271
Mn Fonteius Cf Denarius. 85 BC. Laureate head of Apollo Vejovis right, M FONTEI CF behind, thunderbolt below, ROMA monogram below chin / infant Genius riding goat right, caps of the Dioscuri above, filleted thyrsos below. Cr353/1a, Syd 724. (19 examples)
Fonteia 10
sear5 #271
Mn Fonteius Cf Denarius. 85 BC. Laureate head of Apollo Vejovis right, thunderbolt below, M FONTEI behind, CF below chin / Cupid on goat right, caps of the Dioscuri above, thyrsus in ex. Syd 724a, Cr353/1c. (8 examples)
Fonteia 11
sear5 #272
Mn Fonteius AR Denarius. 85 BC. M N FONTEI CF, laureate head of Apollo, thunderbolt below, dotted border / winged Genius riding goat right, caps of the Dioscouri to right and left, thyrsus below, all in laurel wreath. (6 examples)
Fonteia 12
sear5 #273
Fonteius, AR denarius. c. 85 BC, EX A P Laureate head of Vejovis right, thunderbolt below chin. / Infant seated on goat right, caps of the Dioscuri above, all in laurel wreath. Syd 726, Cr353/2. (2 examples)
Fonteia 17
sear5 #392
P Fonteius P f Capito. 55 BC. AR Denarius. P FONTEIVS P F CAPITO III VIR, helmeted and draped bust of Mars right, trophy over shoulder / MN FONT TR MIL , warrior on horseback thrusting his spear at a Gaulish enemy who is about to slay an unarmed third combatant. Cr429/1; Syd 900. (11 examples)
Fonteia 18P Fonteius Pf Capito AR Denarius. 55 BC. Rome mint. P FONTEIVS CAPITO III VIR CONCORDIA, laureate, diademed, & veiled head of Concordia right / T DIDI to left, VIL PVB to right, the Villa Publica: building consisting of two stories, each with a row of columns, to which gates are attached; the lower columns are surmounted by arches, the upper ones by a sloping roof; IMP below. Cr429/2b, Syd 901a. TextImage
Fonteia 18See Didia 1 / Sear [2000] 393
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