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Flaminia 1
sear5 #179
L Flaminius Chilo Denarius. 109-108 BC. ROMA, helmeted head of Roma right; X before / Victory in biga right; L FLAMINI over CILO below. Crawford 302/1; Syd 540. (18 examples)
Flaminia 2
sear5 #483
L Flaminius Chilo Denarius. 43 BC. Diademed head of Venus right, IIII VIR behind, PRI FLA before / Victory in biga right holding wreath and reins, L FLAMINI over CHILO below. Syd 1088, Cr485/2. (3 examples)
Flaminia 2aL. Flaminius Chilo. 43 BC. AR Denarius, 3.84 g. Rome mint. IIII VIR - PRI FL, Head of Venus right, wearing stephane. / L FLAMIN CHILO, Victory driving biga right, holding wreath. Crawford 485/2; CRI 171; Sydenham 1088; Flaminia 2a.TextImage
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