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Fabia 14
Fabia 14

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Fabia 1
Sear 148
Q Fabius Labeo Denarius. 124 BC. LABEO before, ROMA behind, helmeted head of Roma right, X beneath chin / Jupiter in quadriga right, prow below; Q FABI in ex. Cr273/1; Syd 532. (2 examples)
Fabia 1 brockageQ. Fabius Labeo. 124 BC. AR Brockage Denarius 19mm, 3.74 g. Helmeted head of Roma right; X under chin. / Incuse of obverse (helmeted head of Roma left). Cf. Crawford 273/1; cf. Sydenham 532; cf. Fabia 1.TextImage
Fabia 5
Sear 141
Q. Fabius Maximus. 127 BC. AR Denarius. Helmeted head of Roma right; X beneath chin, ROMA behind, Q. MAX before / Cornucopiae on winged thunderbolt; all within wreath. Cr265/1; Syd 478. (4 examples)
Fabia 6
Sear 295
Q. Fabius Maximus. 82-80 B.C. AR Denarius. Laureate head of Apollo r.; behind, ROMA; below, Q. MAX; before, lyre and star / Cornucopiae superimposed on thunderbolt; around, wreath composed of ear of barley, ear of wheat and assorted fruits. Syd 718, Cr371/1.(4 examples)
Fabia 11
Sear 144
N Fabius Pictor denarius. 126 BC. Roma right, X behind, control letter beneath chin / the Flamen Quirinalis Q. Fabius Pictor seated left, holding apex and spear, a shield inscribed QVI / RIN by side of chair, N. FABI PICTOR around, ROMA in ex. Syd 517, Cr268/1.(2 examples)
Fabia 14
Sear 200
C Fabius Cf Hadrianus Denarius. 102 BC. EXAPV behind veiled & turreted bust of Cybele right / CFABICF, victory in biga right; Latin letter, sometimes with a dot, beneath the horse, stork to right. Crawford 322/1b; Syd 590. (7 examples)
Fabia 15C. Fabius C.f. Hadrianus Denarius. 102 BC. Veiled and turreted head of Cybele right, Greek letter, sometimes with a dot above or beneath, behind / Victory in biga right, stork to right, C.FABI.C.F. in ex. Crawford 322/1a; Sydenham 589; Fabia 15; Sear -. TextImage
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