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Cloulia 1
sear5 #136
T Cloelius AR Denarius. Rome 128 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, wreath behind head, ROMA beneath neck / Victory in biga rearing right; grain ear beneath the horses, T CLOVLI in exergue. Crawford 260/1; Sydenham 516; Cloulia 1; Sear 136. (4 examples)
Cloulia 2
sear5 #212
T Cloulis AR Quinarius. 98 BC. Laureate head of Jupiter right / Victory crowning trophy. Cr332/1, Syd 586. (2 examples)
Cloulia 2b
sear5 #212
T Cloelius AR Quinarius. Laureate head of Jupiter right, P below / T CLOVLI, Victory crowning trophy on top of Gaulish captive, Q in ex.(One example)
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