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Claudia 1
sear5 #177
Roman Republic Denarius of C.Claudius Pulcher. 110-109BC. Head of Roma right / Victory in biga right. Syd 569. Full Size
Claudia 1cfC Claudius Pulcher AR Brockage Denarius. Helmeted head of Roma right / incuse of obverse. TextFull Size
Claudia 2
sear5 #176
Appius Claudius Pulcher, T Manlius Mancinus & Q Urbinus AR Denarius. 111-110 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, square behind / Victory in triga right, one horse looking back, AP CL T MANL Q VR in ex. Cr299/1a; Syd 570. Full Size
Claudia 3See under Mallia Text
Claudia 5
sear5 #310
Ti Claudius Ti F Ap Nero Serrate Denarius. 79 BC. Bust of Diana r., draped, bow & quiver over shoulder, SC before / Victory in biga right with palm-branch, reins and wreath, TI CLAVD TI F AP N in ex. Syd 770. Cr383/1. Full Size
Claudia 5cfTi Claudius Ti f Ap f Nero. 79 BC. AR Brockage Serrate Denarius. Draped bust of Diana right, bow & quiver over shoulder / incuse of obverse. TextFull Size
Claudia 6
sear5 #310
Tiberius Claudius Nero serrate denarius. c79 BC, SC Bust of Diana right, bown and quiver before. / Victory in biga right, A .LXXXXVII below, TI CLAVD TI F AP N in exergue. Claudia 6; Cr383/1; Syd 770. Obverse*Reverse
Claudia 11
sear5 #409
P Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus AR Denarius. 50 BC. Bare head of the consul M Claudius Marcellus right; triskeles behind / M. Claudius Marcellus carrying trophy within tetrastyle temple. Cr439/1. Full Size
Claudia 13
sear5 #499
C. Clodius Vestalis. 41 BC. AR Denarius. Laureate draped bust of Flora right; lily at shoulder / Veiled Vestal virgin seated left, holding a two-handled bowl. Cr512/2, Syd 1135. Full Size
Claudia 15
sear5 #492
P Clodius Denarius. 42 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right, lyre behind / Diana standing facing, with bow and quiver over shoulder, holding lighted torch in each hand; P CLODIVS right, M F on left. Syd 1117, Cr494/23. Full Size
Claudia 17
sear5 #491
P Clodius Mf Turrinus Denarius. 42 BC. Radiate head of Sol right; quiver behind / Crescent moon and five stars. Cr494/21, Syd 1115. Full Size
Claudia 3See Mallia 2
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