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Cestia 1
sear5 #11
Aureus of the Republic. 43BC. Bust of Africa in elephant skin / L CESTIVS C NORBA PR SC, Corinthian helmet atop curile chair. Syd 1153, Cr491/1a. (One example)
Cestia 3
sear5 #12
Gold Aureus of the Republic, 43 BC. C NORBANVS L CESTIVS PR, bust of Sibyl / Cybele in biga of lions. Syd 1155, Cr491/2. (2 examples)
RPC 662SICILY, Enna. L. Munatius L. Cestius, Duoviri. 44-36 BC. 23mm. MVN HENNA-E, head of Artemis (?) right / M CESTIVS M-VNATIVS II VIR, Triptolemus standing left with his right hand extended, chlamys over left arm. RPC I 662; SNG ANS 1338; Calciati 13; BMC 11; SNG Cop 236. TextImage
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