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Aurelia 1Roman Republic AR Denarius. 194-190 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, X behind / Luna draiving biga right, with horses prancing, AV above, ROMA below. Syd 326, Cr136/1. TextFull Size
Aurelia 14
sear5 #1219
AVR, AE sextans, 209 BC. Draped bust of Mercury right, wearing square cap, two dots above. / Prow right, ROMA above, AVR before, two dots below. C65/6. Full Size
Aurelia 16
sear5 #106
M. Aurelius Cotta, AR denarius, 139 B.C. Head of Roma, COTA below, X behind head / Hercules holding club in biga of centaurs holding branches. M.AVRELI below, ROMA in ex. RSC Aurelia 16; BMC 914; Craw.229/1; Syd.429, Sear 106.Full Size
Aurelia 19
sear5 #97
Aurelius Rufus. 144 BC. AR Denarius. Helmeted head of Roma right; X behind / Jupiter in quadriga right, holding thunderbolt, sceptre. Cr221/1; Syd 409. Full Size
Aurelia 20
sear5 #157
M Aurelius Scaurus Denarius. 118 BC. M•AVRELI before, ROMA * behind, head of Roma right in helmet of Phrygian form / warrior (Biruitus) in biga right, holding sheild and carnyx, hurling spear, SCAVRI below, L LIC CN DOM in ex. Syd 523, Cr282/1. Full Size
Aurelia 21
sear5 #191
Lucius Aurelius Cotta. 105 BC. AR Serrate Denarius. Draped bust of Vulcan right, in a laureate pileus, tongs & star behind, S dot before; all within a myrtle wreath / Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, head left, L COT below; all within a laurel wreath. Cr314/1b; Syd 577. Full Size
Aurelia 21b.1
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Aurelia 21bLucius Aurelius Cotta AR Serrate Denarius. 105 BC. Draped bust of Vulcan right / Eagle standing right on thunderbolt. Cr314/1c, Syd 577a. TextFull Size
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