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RPC 1755.1
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RPC 1755
Octavia AE25 of Perinthos, Thrace. OKTAOYIA ΣEBAΣTH, diademed and draped bust right / HΡA ΠEΡINΘIΩN, Hera of Samos standing left. TextFull Size
RPC 2519
Octavia AE17 of Teos, Ionia. AD 54-62. 3.94 g. OKTAOIAN, diademed and draped bust right / THIΩN, Dionysos, loins draped long, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos. RPC 2519-2520; SNG Cop 1520-1521; Bernhart 223; Paris 2923 and 2972-2973; Munich 46A.TextFull Size
RPC 2574
Octavia, AE of Ephesos, Ionia. Time of the 2nd triumvirat, 43 BC. 0.93 g. Draped bust of Octavia right. / AΡXIE ΓΡ-AM ΓΛ-AY K-ΩN E-ΦE across fields, bee. RPC 2574; Imhoof KM Additions 33 in RSN 19 (1913).TextFull Size
RPC 2998
Octavia, AE20 of Sardes, Lydia. 50-62. Magistrate Mindios. ΘEAN OKTAOYIAN, draped bust of Octavia right, wearing wreath of corn / EΠI MINΔIOY CAΡΔIANΩN CTΡA TO B, (CTΡA and TO in monogram form), Demeter standing left, holding corn-ears and sceptre. RPC I 2998.TextFull Size
RPC 2999
Octavia, AE22, Sardis, Lydia. ΘEAN OKTAOYIAN, draped bust of Octavia right, with ears of corn in wreath / ΣAΡΔIANΩN EΠI MINΔIOY ΣTΡA TO B, Demeter holding two torches, in chariot pulled by two serpents right. BMC 125; RPC 2999.TextFull Size
RPC 3000
Octavia, AE18 of Sardis, Lydia. ΘEAN OKTABIAN, Draped bust right, wearing grain ear wreath / ΣAΡΔIANΩN EΠI MINΔOY ΣTΡA TO B, Veiled female standing right, holding sceptre. RPC 3000.TextFull Size
RPC 3001
Octavia, AE18 of Sardes, Lydia. AD 54-62. 4.9 gr. Magistrate Mindios. ΘEAN OKTAOYIAN, Draped and wreathed bust right / ΣAΡΔIANΩN EΠI MINΔIOY ΣTΡA TO B, Veiled female figure standing right, sceptre over shoulder. RPC 3001.TextFull Size
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