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RIC 34.1
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RIC 34Nero & Drusus Caesars, brothers of Caligula, AE Dupondius. Rome mint, struck under Caligula, 37-38 AD. NERO ET DRVSVS CAESARES, Nero & Drusus on horseback riding right / C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT around large S C. Cohen 1. TextFull Size
RIC 49
sear5 #1828
Nero and Drusus Caesars AE Dupondius. NERO ET DRVSVS CAESARES, Nero and Drusus on horseback galloping right / C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG P M TR P IIII PP around large SC. Cohen 2.TextFull Size
RPC S2, 2014
Nero and Drusus Caesar, with Agrippina Junior, Drusilla, and Julia. AE24 of Apamea, Bithynia. DRVSVS NERO CAESARES DD, bare heads of Drusus and Nero Caesars facing each other / AGRIPPINA DIVA DRVSILLA IVLIA, C I C in exergue, Gaius' three sisters standing facing: Agrippina (as Ataraxia-Securitas) leaning on column, holding cornucopiae, placing hand on Diva Drusilla (as Homonoia-Concordia), holding phiale and cornucopiae, and Julia (as Tyche Soterios-Fortuna Redux) holding rudder and cornucopiae. RPC Supp. 2, 2014; RecGen p. 252, note 2.TextFull Size
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