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RIC 42[tib]Drusus, AE Sestertius , 22-23 AD, 28.46 g. Confronted heads of twin boys on crossed cornucopiae with caduceus between / DRVSVS CAESAR TI AVG F DIVI AVG N PONT TR POT II around large SC. RIC I [Tiberius] 42; BMC Tiberius 95; CBN Tiberius 73.TextFull Size
RIC 45[tib]
sear5 #1794
Drusus Caesar AE As. Struck under Tiberius, 21-22 AD. DRVSVS CAESAR TI AVG F DIVI AVG N, bare head left / PONTIF TRIBVN POTEST ITER around large SC. Cohen 2. Full Size
RIC 216
sear5 #2594
Drusus, AE restoration As, struck under Titus. AD 80-81. DRVSVS CAESAR TI AVG F DIVI AVG N, bare head left / IMP T CAES DIVI VESP F AVG REST around large SC. RIC 437 (Titus); (old RIC 216 [Titus]); Cohen 6; BMC 286; Paris 298.Full Size
RPC 71Drusus AE Semis of Italica, Spain. Struck under Tiberius. DRVSVS CAESAR, bare head right / MVNIC ITALIC, aquila & vexillum between two signa, PER AVG at base. Burgos 1252 TextFull Size
RPC 1149Drusus AE20 of Corinth. P CANINIO AGRIPPA IIVIR QVINQ COR, bare head right / L CASTRICIO REGVLO IIVIR QVIR Q COR, Livia seated right, holding patera and sceptre. TextObverse-Reverse
SGI 341
Drusus AE20 of Parium, Mysia. DRV CAES, bare head right / two founders plowing right with yoke of two oxen. Mionnet 719, Cohen 1, RPC -. TextFull Size
RPC 1659
Drusus, AE of Philippi, Macedonia. ca. 19 - 23 AD. 4.45 g. DRV CAES, bare head right / Two priests plowing right. RPC 1659.TextFull Size
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