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RPC 185Caligula & Caesonia 27 of Carthago Nova, Spain. C CAESAR AVG GERMANIS, laureate head right / DN ATEL FLAC CN POM FLAC II VIR Q V I N C, head of Caesonia (as Salus) right, SAL AVG across field. SGI 419. TextFull Size
Caesaraea Panias
RPC 4977
Caesonia, AE18 of Caesaraea Panias, Syria. Dated RY 5 of Agrippa I (AD 40-41). (KAIΣΩNIA ΓYNH ΣEBAΣTOY), Draped bust of Caesonia left, wearing hair in long plait / (ΔΡOYΣIΛΛA ΘYΓATΡI ΣEBAΣTOY), Drusilla standing facing, head right, holding Nike and branch, LE in left field. RPC 4977; Meshorer 117; SNG ANS -.Text
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