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RIC 1003Basiliscus, AV solidus. Constantinople Mint, D N bASILIS-CUS P P AVG Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, holding spear and shield. / VICTORI A AVGGGG and officina letter, Victory standing left, holding long jewelled cross, star in right field. TextImage
RIC 1012Basiliscus AV solidus. 475476 AD. Thessalonica. D N bASILIS-CVS P F AVG, Helmeted and cuirassed bust three quarters facing to right, holding spear over shoulder and shield decorated with horseman spearing fallen enemy / VICTORI-A AVGGG. Victory standing left, holding long jewelled cross, star in right field. Mintmark THSOB in ex.TextImage
RIC 1014vBasiliscus 4. Diademed head right / Monogram of Basiliscus. TextImage
RIC 1023Basiliscus & Marcus (autumn AD 475-August AD 476) AV Solidus. Constantinople mint. D N bASILISCI ET MARC P AVC, helmeted, cuirassed bust of emperor three-quarters right, holding spear over right shoulder, shield on left shoulder / SALVS REI PVBLICAE D, Basilicus left, Marcus right, nimbate, seated facing; each holding a globe with cross; cross between them, star above cross; CONOB in ex. TextImage
RIC 1025Basiliscus & Marcus AV Solidus. Constantinople mint, 475-476 AD. D N BASILISCI-ET MARC P AVG, Pearl-diademed, helmeted, cuirassed bust facing slightly right, holding spear and shield. VICTORI-A AVGGG G (officina letter), Victory standing left, holding long jewelled cross; star in right field; CONOB in ex. RIC X 1025, CONOB in ex. Depeyrot 105/4. TextImage
RIC 1034BASILISCUS & MARCUS 9mm. Cyzicus mint. Diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right / Monogram of Basiliscus & Marcus. TextImage
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