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Dattari 2092
Antinous, Lead tessera (18mm, 3.03 gm). Dated year 20 of Hadrian (135-136 AD). LK to right of draped bust right, wearing hem-hem crown, caduceus over shoulder / Half-length figure of Nilus right. Dattari 2092.TextFull Size
Dattari 11655
Antinous, Lead Tessera (5.78 g, 2h). Alexandria mint. Dated year 2 of an uncertain era. L B across fields, draped bust right, wearing hem-hem crown / Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch. Dattari 11655.TextFull Size
Milne 1480
sear5 #3899
Antinous AE Drachm of Alexandria, Egypt. Year 19 = 134/5 AD. ANTINOOY HPWOC, draped bust of Antinous right, in hem-hem crown / Antinous as Hermes on horseback right, holding caduceus, L IΘ in fields. SNGCop 422. ObverseReverse
Milne 1481
Antinous AE Hemidrachm of Alexandria. Dated RY 19 of Hadrian = 134/5 AD. ANTINOOY HPWOC, draped bust right, in hem-hem crown / Antinous, as Hermes-Thoth, on horseback right, holding caduceus; date L-I-Θ in fields. Dattari 2084. TextFull Size
Milne 1481v
Antinous AE Drachm of Alexandria. Year 19 of Hadrian = 134-135 AD. ANTINOOY, HPWOC, bust draped right, in hem-hem crown / L IΘ, Antinous as Hermes on horseback right, naked except for cloak around shoulders, & holding caduceus; horse rears with both forelegs in air. Koln 1276v, Dattari 2080v. TextFull Size
Milne 1481 var
Antinoos, AE drachm of Alexandria, Egypt. 134-135 AD. Dated Year 19 of Hadrian's reign. ANTINOOY HRWC, draped bust right, wearing hem-hem crown / L-IΘ, Antinous, as Hermes-Thoth, on horseback right, holding caduceus. (L between horse's front legs, IΘ in right field). Milne 1481 var (obv. legend and position of date).TextFull Size
Milne 1481 var 2
Antinoos, AE drachm of Alexandria, Egypt. 134-135 AD. Dated Year 19 of Hadrian's reign. ANTINOOY ..., draped bust right, wearing hem-hem crown / L-IΘ, Antinous, as Hermes-Thoth, on horseback right, holding caduceus. (L at top right, I beneath horse, Θ between horse's front legs). Milne 1481 var (position of date); Dattari 2080 var (ditto); Geissen 1276 var (ditto); BMC 1481 var (ditto).TextFull Size
Milne 1493v
sear5 #3900
Antinous AE34 of Alexandria. Year 20 of Hadrian = 136/136 AD. ANTINOOV HPWOC, draped bust left / LK, Antinous as Hermes, carrying caduceus on horseback advancing right. BMC 925. Full Size
Dattari 6535 var
Antinous, lead tessera, Alexandria, 134-137 AD. AN[TINOOC ?], draped bust right, wearing hem-hem crown, upright crescent in right field / Serapis standing left, kalathos on head, right arm raised and holding sceptre in left, altar and a Nilometer to left. Dattari 6535 var; Geissen 3559 var.TextFull Size
SNGCop 108
Galatia, Ancyra. Antinous, favorite of Hadrian, AE 34mm. Julius Saturninus, magistrate. Bare head right / [IOYΛIOC CATOΡNINOC ANKYΡANOIC], the god MÍn standing left in cloak & Phrygian cap, crescent on shoulder, holding anchor & sceptre. TextFull Size
Blum 1cf
Antinous AE37 Medallion of Phrygia, Ancyra. ANTINOOC ΘEOC, bare-headed, draped bust right / IOYΛ CATOΡNINOC ANKYΡANOIC, Men standing left, in Phrygian cap, crescent behind shoulders, holding anchor & sceptre. TextObverseReverse
Mionnet Supp. 4, 40
Antinous, AE18 of Argos, Argolis. 6.81 g, AD 134. ..ANTINOON, bare-headed, draped bust right / ARGEIWN, Ares standing right, holding spear and shield. Mionnet Supp. 4, 40; BCD 1188; Blum 11.TextFull Size
RecGen 15
Antinous AE37 Medallion of Bithynia, Bithynium. ANTINOOC QEON HΡATΡIC, bare-headed, draped bust left / BEIΘYNIEΩN AΔΡIANΩN, Hermes standing left, holding pedum in left arm & placing right hand on neck of bull standing left beside him. Blum 9. TextObverseReverse
Blum P36-Acf
Antinous AE 41mm of Corinth. Hostilius Marcellus, priest. OCTIΛIOC MAΡKEΛΛOC O IEΡEYC TOY ANTINOOY, bare-headed, draped bust right / KOΡIN-ΘIOIC ANEΘHKE, Bellerophon standing facing, head left, restraining rearing Pegasus, & holding large round shield. TextFull Size
Blum 3B
Antinous, AE41, 15th-16th century Paduan medallion copying Corinth struck originally in AD 130-138. ANTINOOΣ OKTIΛΛIOΣ MAΡKEΛΛO COIEYCTOY, draped bust right / AΔΡIANOΣ ΩKOΔOMHΣEN, two-tiered temple, two eagles in pediment, crocodile right devouring a bird in exergue. Blum 3B; Vienna 13639; Weber 1490.TextFull Size
Blum 7
Antinous. AE 26mm of Phokis, Delphi. Bare head right / Tripod with large base. TextFull Size
Blum 8
Ionia, Ephesus. Antinous, Companion of Hadrian. AE 37mm Medallion. ANTINOOC HPΩC, Bare head of Antinous left / ΠOΛEMΩN ANEΘHKE CMYΡNAIOIC, bull standing right. SGI 1331; Blum 8. TextFull Size
SNGFr 1093
Antinous AE 24mm of Hadrianotherae, Mysia. ANTINOOC HΡΩC AΓAΘOC, bare head right / AΔΡIANOΘHΡITΩN, Apis Bull standing right, crescent on flank; monogram in left field. Blum 2, SNGvA 1151, Mionnet III 145. TextFull Size
Blum Incert 2 var
Antinous, AE38 Medallion of Kios, Bithynia. 36.42 g. ANTINOΩ ΠANI, bare head left / No legend, horse standing right. Blum "Incertaines", 2 and pl. IV, 14 var (same reverse but described in the text as a bull in error). Not in RecGen, Imhoof, Isegrim, etc.TextFull Size
CNG 130-282
Antinous AE38 of Kios, Bithynia. ANTINOΩΣ HΡOΣ, bare-headed, half-length bust of Antinous right, holding sceptre over shoulder / KIANΩN AΔΡIANOI above and beneath bull standing right. CNG 130-282. TextFull Size
Rec Gen 37
Antinous, AE37 medallion of Kios, Bithynia. Ca AD 130, 33.62 g. ANTINOOC HΡΩC, bare head left / HΡΩKIANOI AΔΡIANOI around, ANTI-NΩN across fields, nude male figure standing left, holding purse(?), right hand on hip. RecGen 37.TextFull Size
Blum 7
Antinous, AE27 of Mantinea, Arkadia. 27mm, 12.19 g. AD 134. Magistrate Vetourios. BE-TOYΡIOC, bare head right / TOIC AΡKACI, horse trotting right, one foreleg raised. Blum 7; BCD Pelop. 1495 = RPC III 330.10 (this coin).TextFull Size
Martinetti 2051
Antinous, ca AD 130. Mantinea, Arcadia, AE41 medallion, 39.30 g. BETOY ΠIOC, bare-headed bust of Antinous left, head slightly lowered / TOIC AΡKACI, horse walking right on exergual line, left foreleg raised. Martinetti & Nervegna Coll. 2051.TextFull Size
Blum 1
Antinous, AE42 medallion of Tium, Bithynia. AD 130. 38.07 g. ANTINOΩI HΡΩI, draped bust left / TIANOI, Dionysos (or Antinous as Dionysos) sitting on the back of a panther walking right. RecGen 34; Blum 1; RPC III 1191.TextFull Size
SGI 1325
Antinous, AE22 of Nicomedia, Bithynia. HΡΩC ANTINOOC , Bare head of Antinous right /K MHTΡOΠOΛIC NIKOMHΔEIA, bull standing right. SGI 1325.TextFull Size
Blum 1
Antinous AE37 Medallion, in AE58 frame, of Bithynia, Nicomedia. ANTINOOC HΡΩC, bare head right / H MHTΡOΠOΛEΩC NIKOMHΔEIA, bull standing right. SNG Aulock 7102. TextFull Size

Mionnet II, 86
Antinous, AE18 of Nikopolis, Epirus. (From top right, clockwise), ANTINOOC HΡOC, bare-head right / NEIKOΠOΛIC IEΡA, turreted, draped bust of Nike right. Paris 192; Mionnet II, 86.TextFull Size
Mionnet S3, 148
Antinous, AE17 of Nikopolis, Epirus. (From top right, clockwise), ANTINOOC HΡOC, bare-headed, heroic bust right / NEIKOΠOΛEITΩN, city gate with three portals and two towers. Paris 195; Mionnet Supp. 3, 148.TextFull Size
Paris 194
Antinous, AE17 of Nikopolis, Epirus. (From top right, clockwise), ANTINOOC ΘEON, bare-headed, heroic bust right / NEIKOΠOΛIC, crescent and one star. Paris 194 (Epirus); Mionnet Supp. 3, 145 (Epirus); AMNG 1218-3 (Moesia); Varbanov 2109 (Moesia).TextFull Size
Mionnet IV, 569
Antinous, AE18 of Philadelphia, Lydia. 134-138. ANTINOOC HΡOC, bare head right / ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEΩN, Tyche standing left, kalathos on head, holding rudder in right hand and cornucopiae in left. Mionnet IV, 569; Paris 984.TextFull Size
BMC 35
Antinous, AE22 of Sala, Lydia, AD 117-138. Magistrate G. Val. Androneikos. ANTINOOC HΡOC, bare-headed, draped bust right. EΠI Γ OYAΛ ANΔΡO CAΛHNΩN, Dionysos standing right, cross-legged, resting left hand on column, holding bunch of grapes and kantharos. BMC 35-37; Blum 1; Weber 1487; Waddington 6450.TextFull Size
BMC 137
Antinous, AE21 of Sardes, Lydia. AD 117-138. ANTINOOC HΡΩC, bare head right / CAΡΔIANΩN, Silenos, naked except for draped loins, standing front, looking right at the infant Dionysos sitting on his left arm and who is extending his hand towards a bunch of grapes which Silenos is holding in raised right hand. BMC 137; Mionnet IV, 715; Paris 1239.TextFull Size
Klose 7
Antinous AE36 of Ionia, Smyrna. Bare head left / ΠOΛEMΩN ANEΘHKE CMYΡNAIOIC, bull standing right. Blum 8-11; BMC 339; Klose 7.TextFull Size
Klose 19
Antinous. AE38 of Smyrna, Ionia. AD 117-130. 34.85 g. ANTINOOC HΡΩC, bare head left / ΠOΛEMΩN ANEΘHKE CMYΡNAIOIC, female panther standing left, one raised paw against a filleted thyrsos. Blum 14; Klose 19.TextFull Size
Klose 28 corr
Antinous. AE of Smyrna, Ionia. AD 117-138. 29.64 g. ANTINOOC HΡΩC, bare head left / ΠOΛEMΩN ANEΘHKE CMYΡNAIOIC, goat or ram standing right. Klose 28 corr.TextFull Size
Klose 38
Antinous, AE40 of Smyrna, Ionia. AD 134-135. 46.55 g. ANTINOOC HΡΩC, bare head right / ΠOΛEMΩN ANEΘHKE CMYΡNAIOIC, prow right. Blum 3; Klose Smyrna 38; Prowe III 1039; Weber 1486.TextFull Size
SGI 1331.1
TextFull Size
SGI 1331
Antinous AE38 of Smyrna, Ionia. ANTINOOC HΡΩC, bare head right / ΠOΛEMΩN ANEΘHKE CMYΡNAIOIC, bull standing right. TextFull Size

Waddington 1002
Antinous. AE38 of Stratonikeia-Hadrianopolis, Lydia. AD 117-138. Magistrate Kandidos. ANTINOOΣ HΡΩC, bare head left / (from lower right, clockwise) EΠI CTΡ KANΔIΔOY B AΔΡIANOΠOΛEITΩN CTΡ (both TΡ ligate), bull standing right. Waddington 1002; Paris 1174A.TextFull Size
Blum 52
Antinous, AE39 of Tarsos, Cilicia. AD 133-138. 33.26 g. HΡΩC ANTINOOC, draped bust right, wearing small hem-hem crown and ivy wreath, star in upper right field / AΔΡIANHC TAΡCOY MHTΡOΠOΛEΩC NEΩKOΡOY, Dionysos, holding transverse thyros, riding on panther right. Blum 52; Dressel, Berlin Neuerwerbungen 225 in ZfN 21 (this coin); Schultz Antike Muenzen 484; Backe, Antinoos 30.TextFull Size
SNG Fr 1420
Antinous AE32 of Tarsos, Cilicia. ANTINOOC HΡΩC, bare head left / AΔΡIANHC TAΠCOY MHTΠOΠOΛEΩC NEΩKOY NEΩ ΠYΘIΩ, tripod-lebes encircled by a serpent. SNG Cop 360v (bust right). TextFull Size
NAC 51, 282
Antinous, AE 11,43 gr. of Tion (Tius), Bithynia, after 134 AD. ANTINOOC HΡΩΣ, Bare-headed, draped bust left / TIANΩN, Winged caduceus. NAC 51, 282.TextFull Size
SNG vA 3240
Antinous, AE27 of Tmolus-Aureliopolis. 117-138. HΡΩΣ ANTINOOΣ, draped bust of Antinous right / TMOΛITΩN, Tmolos standing left, holding knotted staff in right hand, and a basket on his head with his left hand. SNG vA 3240; Blum ("Numis. D'Antinoos"), 1; Imhoof, AGM 170 (RSN 1913). TextFull Size

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