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Cohen 30Annius Verus, AE Quadrans, ca. 166 AD. no legend, Annius Verus with diadem of ivy leaves, as Spring / SC within wreath. RIC_, Van Heesch 3B, Cohen III, 30.TextFull Size
CohenIII 3x Annius Verus, son of M. Aurelius AE Semis. Head of Annius(?) right, as Spring, in a wreath of flowers. Van Heesch pl. 25,6. TextFull Size
UnlistedAnnius Verus AE19 of Hadrianopolis. Possibly struck under Marcus Aurelius, 161-160 AD. Young, bare headed, draped bust right, caduceus behind shoulder (as on reverse of Moushmov 2540) / AΔΡIANOΠOΛEITΩN, Bunch of grapes. Unlisted Moushmov-; Varbanov-; Varbanov Engl.-; TextFull Size

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