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Great-granddaughter of Marcus Aurelius and third wife of Elagabalus who had executed her first husband in order to marry her in July 221. He divorced her at the end of that year for unknown reasons.

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RIC 232Annia Faustina. AD 221. AR Denarius 3.23 g. Rome mint. Struck under Elagabalus. ANNIA FAVSTINA AVG, bare-headed and draped bust right / CONCORDIA, Elagabalus, laureate and togate, and Annia Faustina, diademed and draped, standing vis--vis, clasping right hands; star between them. RIC IV 232 (Elagabalus); RSC 1. TextImage
RIC 399Annia Faustina, AE Sestertius. Struck under Elagabalus, 221 AD. 22.36g. ANNIA FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, diademed, draped bust right, hair in small knot behind head / CONCORDIA S-C, Elagabalus, togate and Annia Faustina, standing facing each other, shaking hands; star between them. RIC 399; Cohen 2; BMC 451. TextImage
Milne 2857
Annia Faustina Billon tetradrachm of Alexandria. Year 5 of Elagabalus, commencing on or after 29 August 221 AD. ANNIA FAVCTINA CEBA, draped bust right / L - ε, Sarapis standing facing, head right, in modius & holding sceptre. BMC 1552. TextImage
Milne 2863
sear5 #7709
Annia Faustina Potin Tetradrachm of Alexandria, Egypt. Year 5 of Elagabalus = 221 AD. ANNIA FAYCTINA CEBA, draped bust right / Nilus reclining left, holding stalk of grain, leaning on cornucopiae from which Genius emerges, nilometer obelisk to left, Genii climbing over Nilus, LE in ex. (3 examples)
Krzy ANN1-1
Annia Faustina, AE 16mm of Antioch Pisidia, ca 221 AD. ANNIA FAVSTINA AVG, draped bust right / ANTIOCH COLONIA Eagle, with open wings, standing facing, head right. Krzyzanowska ANN1.1. TextImage
SNGParis 1184
Pisidia, Antioch, Annia Faustina AE 16 mm. ANNIA FAVSTINA AVG, Draped bust right / ANTIOCH COL-ONI around she-wolf right, suckling twins.TextImage
Mionnet 628
Annia Faustina, AE, 11.11 gr. of Ephesos, Ionia. ANNIA FAYCTEINA CEB, draped bust right, wearing stephane / EFESIWN D NEWKORWN, Artemis standing facing, head right, holding bow, reaching for arrow in quiver at shoulder, hound at foot, tree to right. Mionnet Suppl. 628. TextImage
SNG Munich 188
Annia Faustina AE of Ephesos, Ionia. 3.57 g. FAUCTEINA CEB, diademed, draped bust right / EFECIWN, Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm. SNG Munich 188; Aufhauser 11, 297.TextImage
SNG vA 1908
Annia Faustina, AE of Ephesos, Ionia. 15.69 g. ANNIA FAUCTEINA CEB, diademed, draped bust right / EFECIWN D NEWKORWN, cult image of Artemis Ephesia facing, between two stags. SNG von Aulock 1908.TextImage
Ziegler 1257
Annia Faustina AE29 & AE31 of Flaviopolis, Cilicia. Dated CY 148 (AD 221). ANNIAN FAVCTEINA CEBACTH, diademed and draped bust right / FLAYIOPOLEITWN, Helios standing left, holding whip and raising right hand, H M-R (date) across fields. Duesseldorf 1430; Ziegler Kilikien 1257. Text

BMC 146
Annia Faustina, AE, 8.43 gr of Hierapolis, Phrygia. ANNIA FAYCTEINA CEB, draped bust right, wearing stephane / IERAPOLEITWN NEWKORWN, Tyche-Euposia standing left, holding cornucopiae on which is a figure of the child Ploutos, and patera over altar. BMC 146. TextImage
BMC 148
Annia Faustina, AE23 of Hierapolis, Phrygia. 221 AD. ANNIA FAVCTEINA CEB, diademed, draped bust right / IERAPOLEITWN NEWKORWN around A-KTI-A in three lines within wreath. BMC 148; SNG Munich 245. TextImage
SNGvA 823
Annia Faustina (3rd wife of Elagabalus) AE26, Isinda, Pisidia. ANNIAN FAVCTEINAN, draped bust right / Confronting busts of Serapis and Isis. TextImage
BMC 246
Annia Faustina, AE of Laodikeia, Phrygia. 8.99 gr. ANNIA FAUCTEINA AUG CEB, diademed, draped bust right / LAODIKEWN NEWKORWN DOMGA TI SUNKLHTOU, Roma seated left, holding Nike, shield at side. BMC 246; SNG von Aulock 3863 var.TextImage
SNG Pfalz 721var
Annia Faustina, AE31 of Side, Pamphylia. 17.50g. ANA FAVCTEINA CEB, draped bust right / CIDHTWN, hexastyle temple on two steps, shield in pediment; within Apollo Sidetes, wearing tunic, cloak and boots, standing facing, head left, holding patera and laurel staff. Not in the usual catalogues, nor in Isegrim. SNG Pfalz 721 var (Sev. Alex.); BMC 124 var, SNG Pfalz 873 var, SNG France 3 934 var (Salonina).TextImage
SidonSNG Rhighetti 2302Annia Faustina AE 19mm of Sidon, Phoenicia. ANNIA FAVSTINA, Draped bust right / COL AVR PIA METRO, SID below, Asklepios standing left, leaning on serpent staff and holding wand. SNG Fitz. 6064; SNG Righetti 2302.TextImage
Rouvier 1572
Annia Faustina AE 28mm of Phoenicia, Sidon. ANNIA FAVSTINA, diademed, draped bust right, crescent behind shoulders / COL AVR PIA METRO, cart of Astarte with two wheels, carrying four-columned shrine the roof of which is decorated with palm branches. Rouvier 1572: Babelon 1831. TextImage
Rouvier 1572var
Annia Faustina AE 26mm of Phoenicia, Sidon. ANNIA FAVSTINA, diademed, draped bust right / COL AVR PIA METRO, cart of Astarte with two wheels, carrying four-columned shrine the roof of which is decorated with palm branches. Rouvier 1572 var (crescent on obv.) TextImage

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