Mystery coins

Can you identify any of the following coins for wildwinds ? All coins are bronze unless the information states differently.
If you can identify any with any kind of reference number, or the city name, please contact Dane with the coin number and ID by email (dane at Thanks for looking!
NumberObverse descriptionRev. descriptionImage link
019-020Caracalla, laureate head right..IEXEO.., Turreted head of Tyche right. Antioch ?Full Size
1142-1143-2Bust of the older Senate ? right. Does not remind me of any emperor.Two female deities, each holding a cornucopiae, shaking hands. Serpent between them (at shin height).Full Size
8735Laureate head of king right with horn (or cobra) above forehead. K-A (or B-A?) to left and right above, _A-VN to left and right below of eagle standing half right, wings spread. B-A across fields usually stands for BASILEWS, but I don't recognise this king. Lysimachos?Full Size
8747Head of Apollo? rightBASILEWS LYSIMACOU... depending on how the reverse is rotated, it could be a person seated left with one foot drawn back, or a lion running right.Full Size
HeraklesGreek. Legend in upper and centre left and right fields, Herakles? walking right, holding club in lowered right hand and lionskin over left arm.9 corn ears on a stalkFull Size
Antonine footHead of one of the Antonine emperors right (Ant. Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Commodus etc).Human foot leftFull Size
8933Apollo, head right...ΣΣE_A.. to left of - what IS that ???Full Size
K22-15AE15, 3.6g. Male head right with flat-topped headdress.Lioness or panther standing right, suckling its young cubFull Size
M. Aurelius and VerusConfronted busts of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. N..OΠOΛITΩN..ΩN around, date BAI or EAI? at upper right, Apollo standing front, looking right, seemingly resting elbow on the triangular top of a column or altar. Does not seem to be Nikopolis ad Istrum, as coins from there are undated. Not in Varbanov under Nikopolis ad Nestum either.Full Size
10-greekMo legend, radiate, draped bust right. ..ΔDEI or ΛEI, cornucopiae. Found in Cyprus.Full Size
Trajan_001..AV..ANOC ARICT..DA..AV, Laureate head of Trajan right.legend must be fairly short, starting at top right, ...NWN, Tyche, wearing kalathos, standing left, holding ?? and sceptre. Possibly from Syria, Arabia etc. (because of the obv. legend).Full Size
Triskeles-SerpentUnknown Greek. Triskeles rotating right.KA-.., Coiled serpent.Full Size
lyre-and-scorpionScorpion (possibly with legend, see the N below ?) (from bottom right, counterclockwise)..PANA.. or PAND..., lyre. This coin has been puzzling me for years. Every time I get a new book on Greek coins, it's the first thing I look for.Full Size