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RSC 4Pompey The Great, 49-48 BC AR Denarius. CN PISO PRO Q, Head of Numa Pompilius right wearing diadem inscribed NVMA / MAGN PRO COS, Prow of galley right. BMC 62 Cr446/1. Calpurnia 30. TextImage
RSC 20Pompey the Great AR Denarius. 44-43 BC. NEPTVNI behind head of Pompey the Great right, dolphin below / Q NASIDIVS below galley sailing left with sails and oarsmen, star above. Cr483/2, Syd 1350, Nasidia 1. TextImage
Pompeiopolis AE19
SNGCop 246
Pompey the Great AE 19mm of Cilicia, Soli-Pompeiopolis. ca 66 BC - imperial times. Bare head of Pompey the Great right, A behind / POMPHIOPOLITWN, Nike standing right holding wreath & palm, monogram before. SNGLev 880, SNGFr 1214v. TextImage
sear5 #1374
Cnaeus Pompey Magnus (Pompey the Great) and Varro AR Denarius. 49 BC. VARRO PRO Q, terminal bust of Jupiter, wearing a diadem, right / Dolphin, sceptre & eagle; MAGN PRO/COS in ex. Cr447/1a, Syd 1033, RSC 3, Pompeia 7. (3 examples)
sear5 #1373
Pompey the Great Denarius. CN PISO behind the bearded head of Numa Pompilius right wearing a diadem inscribed NVMA / MAGN PRO COS above and below galley. Pompeia 8, RSC 4, Calpurnia 30, Syd 1032, Cr446/1. (One example)
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