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See also the imperial and other provincial coins of Octavia. in the RIC listings.
Antonia 42 Octavia AR quinarius. III VIR R P C Veiled head right, as Concordia / M ANTON C CAESAR Clasped hands, holding caduceus. Cohen 67, Syd1195, Cr529/4b. TextFull Size
Cohen 529Octavia quinarius. Veiled head right / clasped hands holding caduceus. Cohen 67, Syd1195, Cr529/4b.TextFull Size
RPC 1755
Octavia, AE28 of Perinthus, Thrace. OKTAOYIA ΣEBAΣTH, draped bust right / HΡA ΠEΡINΘIΩN, Statue of Hera of Samos left. RPC 1755; Varbanov 23; Moushmov 4416. TextFull Size
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