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Marcus Junius Brutus, Roman senator, one of the assassins of Julius Caesar, and leader of the army opposed to Octavian and Marc Antony, 43-42 BC. Funny thing is, one of the accusations made about Julius Caesar was that he was so vain that he put his own image on coins. After Caesar's death, what does his murderer Brutus do ? Put his own image on coins...

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Cohen 14
sear5 #1430
Marcus Junius Brutus AV Aureus. Traveling mint in Macedonia or Western Asia Minor, struck summer/autumn 42 BC, moneyer P Servilius Casca Longus. BRVTVS IMP, bare head right, all within laurel wreath / CASCA-LONGVS, combined military & naval trophies, with prows & shields, at base; a small L to left of trophy. Cr507/1b, BMCRR 62s, Syd 1297. (One example)
sear5 #1437
Brutus denarius by CASCA LONGVS. Laureate head of Neptune right, trident below / BRVTVS IMP, Victory walking right on broken sceptre and holding broken diadem. Junia 44, Cr507/2, Syd 1298.(3 examples)
sear5 #1436
Brutus AR Denarius. 43-42 BC, Military mint traveling with Brutus and Cassius in Western Asia Minor or Northern Greece. COSTA LEG, laureate head of Apollo right / IMP BRVTVS, trophy of arms. Junia 42, Syd 1296, Cr506/2. (7 examples)
sear5 #1432
Marcus Junius Brutus denarius. LEIBERTAS, bare head of Libertas right / CAEPIO BRVTVS PRO COS, Lyre between a quiver and a laurel branch. Junia 34, Cr501/1, Syd 1287. (6 examples)
RSC 5a
sear5 #1442
Brutus AR Quinarius. 43-42 BC. LEIBERTAS, head of Libertas right / Crossed anchor and ship's prow. Junia 33, Cr505/3, Syd 1288.(2 examples)
sear5 #1431
Brutus AR denarius. Smyrna (?), early 42 BC, BRVTVS Ax, simpulum and knife. / LENTVLVS SPINT Jug and lituus. Cr500/7, Syd 1310, Junia 41. (4 examples)
sear5 #1435
Marcus Junius Brutus Denarius. Military mint moving with Brutus in Lycia, 43-42 BC. C FLAV HEMIC LEG PRO PR, draped bust of Apollo right, lyre before / Q CAEP BRVT IMP, Victory standing left, crowning trophy & holding palm. Junia 49, Cr504/1, Syd 1294.(2 examples)
RSC 10Brutus and Servius Rufus, AR denarius, 21 mm, 3.83 g. Rome. 41 BC. L SERVIVS RVFVS, bare head of Brutus right. / No legend, The Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, standing front, naked, each with a star above their heads, and each holding a parazonium and a transverse spear. RSC 10; Crawford RRC 515/2; Syd 1082; Sulpicia 10.TextImage
RSC 11
sear5 #1433
Brutus Denarius. L SESTI PRO Q, veiled, draped bust of Libertas right / Q CAEPIO BRVTVS PRO COS, tripod between sacrificial ax and simpulum, all within beaded border. Junia 37, Syd 1290, Cr502/2. (10 examples)
RSC 13Brutus, AR Quinarius. 1.87 gr, 15 mm. L. SESTI PRO Q above and beneath questorial chair, against which rests diagonal staff, modius below / Q CAEPIO BRVTVS PRO COS, Tripod between simpulum and apex. Sear 1441; RSC 13.TextImage
RSC 15
sear5 #1439
Brutus Ides of March Denarius. 43-42 BC. BRVT IMP L PLAET CEST, head of Brutus right / EID MAR, liberty cap and two daggers. Cr508/3, Junia 52, Syd 1301.(5 examples)
Sulpicia 10
sear5 #503
L Servius Rufus Denarius. 41 BC. L SERVIVS RVFVS, head of Servius Sulpicius Rufus or Junius Brutus right / the Dioscuri standing facing, each holding a spear, & with swords strapped to waist. Cr515/2, Syd 1082. (3 examples)
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