Ancient Coinage of Umbria, Tuder

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SNG Cop 75Tuder, Umbria. ca 280-240 BC. AE 22mm. Bearded head of Selinos right, in wreath of ivy / tVtEDE, eagle standing left. SNG ANS 105-107, SNG Cop 75, SG 531v. TextImage
Vecchi 160Tuder, Umbria. Circa 235 BC. AE Aes Grave Quadrans. Frog; three pellets / Anchor; Umbrian V T & three pellets. Haeberlin 21-22f.TextImage
Vecchi 162Umbria, Tuder. Circa 270-260 BC. AE Aes Grave Uncia (20.59 gm). Two handled vase; . above / TV right, spearhead left. Thurlow-Vecchi 162; Haeberlin pl. 81, 6.TextImage
Vecchi 164Umbria, Tuder. Circa 235 BC. AE Aes Grave Semis. Sleeping dog / Lyre; retrograde C in left field. Haeberlin pl. 81, 11; HN Italy 41.TextImage

Vecchi 166

Tuder. Circa 217-215 BC. AE Aes Grave Quadrans. Frog seen from above; pellet left, two pellets right / VT, anchor; three pellets right.TextImage
Vecchi 167Umbria, Tuder. Circa 235 BC. AE Aes Grave Sextans. Cicada between two pellets / Trident; VT and two dots flanking. Haeberlin pl. 81, 25; HN Italy 49.TextImage
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