Ancient Coinage of Troas, Uncertain

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Lindgren III 152AE of Pontus or Troas. 120-63 BC. 6.9 gr. Rose / Eight-rayed star. Lindgren III 152.TextImage
Naumann 62, 176Troas, Uncertain city, AR obol. 4th century BC. 10 mm, 0.9 g. Nike standing left on low cippus, holding wreath and stylis. / Bipennis with caduceus behind it. Unpublished. Naumann 62, 176.TextImage
SNG Kayhan 1137Troas, Uncertain, possibly Neandria. AR Hemiobol. 5th century BC. 6.5mm, 0.22 g. Crested Corinthian helmet right. / Amphora within dotted square. SNG Kayhan 1137; SNG Turkey 9, 672–676 (both as Neandria); Göktürk 66 in Anadolou 1994 ( as Lampsakos, Mysia).TextImage
SNG Turkey 9, 682 varTroas, Uncertain, possibly Neandria. AR Hemiobol or Tetartemorion. 5th century BC. 6.5mm, 0.17 g. Crested Corinthian helmet left. / Amphora within square, a dot at lower left and right. SNG Turkey 9, 682 var (no dots, attributed to Neandria).TextImage
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