Isegrim Birytis Listings

A list of all the Berytos AE coins listed in Isegrim.
All dated 320-280 BC.
Note that the rev. legend (if any) can be split in a variety of ways, e.g. BI, B-I, B-I R-Y, B-I RY etc.
ISEGRIM ERRORS: 1) Isegrim lists a triskeles coin as "DOMPIERRE RBN 1907 S131,1", however, this coin actually has the club in wreath reverse (BMC 2). 2) Isegrim 50688 and 50780 describe SNG Cop 251 and SNG Tübingen 2572 as "triskeles right", however the triskeles on both coins are rotating left (as SNG Cop 252-253)
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Head l or rStars?Rev legendRev TypeSizeWeightReference
LeftNoBIRYClub in wreath?1.27SNG Tuebingen 2574
LeftNoBIRYClub in wreath?1.37Lindgren I 352
LeftNoBIRYClub in wreath?1.47SNG Tuebingen 2574
LeftNoBIRYClub in wreath11.251.35BMC 6-7
LeftNoBIRYClub in wreath11.43?BMC 5
LeftNoBIRYClub in wreath121.35Babelon Traite II-2, 2480
LeftNoBIRYClub in wreath17.78?BMC 3
LeftNononeClub in wreath11.431.43Hunterian 1
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?1.32SNG Cop 250
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?1.46SNG Cop 249
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?4.68SNG Cop 248
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?5.09SNG Von Aulock 1503; Osman Coll. 793
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?5.23Lindgren 1, 351
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?5.5Dompierre, de la Haye Coll. 1 (RBN 1907)
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?5.67SNG Von Aulock 7592
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?5.84SNG Cop 247
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?5.95SNG Von Aulock 1502
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath?5.99SNG Tuebingen 2573
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath111.38McClean 7802
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath12.7?BMC 4
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath121.25De Luynes 2511
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath185.19McClean 7801
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath19.05?BMC 1
LeftYesBIRYClub in wreath19.05?BMC 2
RightNoBITriskeles of three crescents rotating left?1.27SNG Cop 251
RightNoBIRYTriskeles of three crescents rotating left?0.97SNG Cop 252
RightNoBIRYTriskeles of three crescents rotating left?0.7SNG Cop 253
RightNoBIRYTriskeles of three crescents rotating left10.16?BMC 8-9
RightNoBIRYTriskeles of three crescents rotating left?0.78SNG Tuebingen 2572

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